Zachary Thoma

President of Fogworks LLC

About Fogworks LLC

Fogworks LLC is a socially and environmentally conscious company dedicated to bringing you products that will enrich your gardening experience. Our products are designed to use the newest most effective technology available to achieve superior results while using significantly less energy. Zachary Thoma, the founder of Fogworks LLC, has many years of experience in horticulture. Through years of gardening in many different climates and conditions, with a wide verity of plants, he has developed a new and revolutionary method of propagation. Fogworks LLC is focused on bringing this new method to gardeners both young and old. We expect much of our business to involve gardeners that are new to hydroponic plant propagation and those that are propagating difficult species such as blueberry bushes. Presently our main product is the  EcocloneTM, a 60 plant site propagation chamber which utilizes ultrasonic fog. In the near future we will be developing a smaller and a larger model for customers with different gardening needs.

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